Optimal & tailor-made lighting solutions for every project: offices, shopping centers, schools, parking lots, restaurants, hotels, galleries, warehouses, street lighting, etc.

The department is a leader in adopting the most advanced technologies & trends for lighting solutions including LED, Lighting Control Systems and Energy Saving.



The smart street lights is part of Nestor’s smart city as a service:

One holistic solution to efficiently monitor and control in real-time security and safety operation.

From Situation Picture to Situation Awareness and Management System.


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■ The transition from traditional street lighting to LED lighting ensures the greatest efficiency and the optimal level of illumination and safety.

■ Street lighting constitutes approximately 45% of all energy consumed by the local authorities.

■ Up to 70% energy savings and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

■ LED lighting can be incorporated with a central command and control system for additional savings in costs.

■ High quality LED systems have a life of 100,000 hours, thus significantly reducing the cost of maintenance and light bulb replacement.

■ Open platform with an SDK for integrating systems and edge-devices

■ Interfaces/Adapters/Gateways are incorporated as add-ons

■ Supports Brown-Field as well as Green-Field integrations

■ Flexible and configurable device types and functionality

■ Vast engineering experience with integrations of external systems

■ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Editor

■ Dynamically evolving task lists (facilitated by conditional branches)

■ Automatic actions, Semi-Automatic actions

■ Notifications as part of the flow

■ Facilitating structured intra/inter departments collaboration

Routine Activities

■ Access Permits Management

■ Shifts Management

■ Facility Security Patrols

■ Trainings and Drilling

■ Custom Forms support

■ Routine Reporting & Notifications

Preventive Maintenance

■ Camera Check

■ Threshold based alerts

■ Hazardous Material Checks

Incident Management

■ Access Violations Management

■ Building Management Exceptions

■ Video Analytics Events Management

■ Fleet Exceptions Management

■ Geographic Driven Procedures


Other Emergencies Management

■ Advanced Rules Engine – Emergency Triggers

■ Structured, Dynamic SOP task lists and Automated Actions

■ Notifications & Escalations (Internal + External)

■ Video Analytics Management

■ Access and Mash Up Data from Multiple Sources

■ Exceptions Management

■ Discover Patterns, Trends and Outliers

■ Near-Real-Time Indications Management

■ Learn & Improve

■ Dashboards and Reports

■ Keeping each level in the hierarchy independent at all times

■ Each local level can perform its duties

■ Regional C&C connects and sync with local level C&C

■ Global C&C sync with regional level

■ Video Analytics

■ Access Control (ACS, PIDs, LPR, Radar)

■ Backend DBs (Biometric, License, Registration)

■ Computer Aided Dispatching (CAD)

■ Surveillance Systems (Drones, VMS)

■ Cyber Security

■ IoT

■ Social Media

■ Communication (Radio, Phone, Messaging, PA)


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